Is Using VidMate Legal?

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Social media platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp etc have become a part of our daily lives. Crores of people use it for entertainment and take the cooperation of all of them to follow the new trends.

VidMate is a free app that downloads videos, music and images from this collection directly to the device’s gallery. Apart from this, it also gives you many types of features, which you get to see in Android after installing the apk file of its app.

Is VidMate Legal?

Google is very strict about its products and its policies.  Since VidMate does not follow its policy.  And it plays videos for youtube on its platform.  Due to which it volats to Google from which it has been removed from available on play store.

Many websites on Google do not consider it safe or legal.  But if you want to use it as a Video Downloader then you can.

You get a lot of Images, Ringtones on the home page of VidMate. Which are high quality and ready to download.


Installing and downloading VidMate App is free for everyone.  Whoever wants to download it safely, either go to the official website or because both are the same.

To use vidmate app on android is Completely SAFE and Use it for personal use it it legit Application.

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  1. I cant download from youtube anymore, i downloaded music as audio for my self. Just to listen in the car.
    How can i download from youtube again.